Law++ to Conduct 3rd Annual 30 Companies in 30 Days


Richard Bobholz
Law Plus Plus

Law Plus Plus To Conduct 3rd Annual 30 Companies in 30 Days
3rd Annual Pro Bono Project to Form 30 Companies in December

(DURHAM, N.C.) Oct. 25, 2016 – Law Plus Plus, a small business firm based in Durham, N.C., is pleased to announce their goal to form thirty companies in thirty days as a ‘thank you’ to the small business and startup community in the Triangle during the month of December.

Law Plus Plus is looking for candidates to have their companies formed, pro bono, through the North Carolina Secretary of State. The formation will cost the new company only the cost of the filing fee and 5 hours of community service, and shall include either a LLC, Corporation or Nonprofit formation, guidance on the best entity choice, all necessary tax filings and three months of ongoing legal support.

A good candidate will be a new company looking to start a company in the Triangle. Candidates will also have their companies marketed through Law++’s marketing mechanisms if they want.

Law Plus Plus is providing this service as a ‘thank you’ to the small business community for another great year.

“Over the last few years, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners set up their companies and build a stronger business community. This is just one of many of our projects that adds value to our business clients,” Richard Bobholz explained.

To apply, applicants must complete the form on our site:

About Law Plus Plus

Founded in 2012 as R. W. Bobholz Law, PLLC and based in Durham, North Carolina, Law Plus Plus is a full service business law firm with practice areas in small business, corporate, nonprofit, and business litigation while also offering far more than just legal services. The company is dedicated to making the legal system easier and providing quality legal services while embodying values of trust, efficiency, accountability, and exceptionally personal service. For more information, visit





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Richard Bobholz

Richard Bobholz

Managing Attorney at Law++
Richard Bobholz works primarily with small businesses to handle their formations, contracts, employment and more complicated areas of corporate law. Richard manages the small business law and mergers & acquisitions sections of the firm. Richard invented the EasyFee and was the driving force behind the 30 Companies in 30 Days pro bono project. Throughout his work, Richard demonstrates his quality workmanship, integrity and honesty, and efficient work ethic. Richard moved to Durham, NC in 2012 and opened this firm shortly thereafter with the goal of changing the legal system for the better.