What is Tortious Interference with a Contract

Tortious Interference with a Contract is one of those causes of action that sounds scarier than it really is. In its simplest terms, tortious interference occurs when you encourage someone to break the contract they have with someone else. As this is law, there are also exceptions to that rule. A simple example is when […]

Ripped Contract- Tortious Interference

Insurance Policies and Notice

Did you know that insurance companies cannot change your policy without prior notice? It’s true! Under N.C. Gen. Stat § 58-41-20(d), “whenever an insurer lowers coverage limits or raises deductibles or premium rates other than at the request of the policyholder, the insurer shall give the policyholder written notice of such change at least 30 […]

Serving Lawsuits on Hard to Find Companies

  Typically, when you want to sue a registered company in North Carolina, you would file the lawsuit and serve the summons and complaint upon the registered agent, but things don’t always work out the way they’re supposed to. A registered agent is a person or company assigned to accept service of process on a […]