Q&A: Difference Between DBA and LLC

Difference Between DBA and LLC

I’ve received this question many times: What is the difference between filing a “Doing Business As” (DBA) and filing for an LLC besides the fact that the DBA is cheaper? Long story short: Everything, but let’s start by examining what these two things are. DBA You may have heard DBAs […]

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Why Do Investors Prefer Corporations Over LLCs?

It’s not a huge secret that institutional investors are more likely to invest in a corporation over an LLC, but why is that the case? Ultimately, it comes down to what these entities are at the basic level.   Corporations We all kind of know what corporations are. They’re from […]

Different Types of Investment Agreements

If you have a company that needs investment, you have a lot of options for the type of investment to create. Depending on the situation, you may also want to consider loans or other ways to finance your company beyond investments. This article will discuss the different types and define […]

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Treatment of Startup Funds: LLC vs Corp

Sometimes a small concept can make a huge difference. Because of the difference between Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and Corporations, the money you put in to start them is treated in very different ways. Overview of Corporations A corporation is a distinct legal entity from the owners. It was created […]

7 Top Membership Considerations in Operating Agreements

There are countless considerations that must go into designing the perfect operating agreement for your business, but there are a few that stand above the rest in importance. Operating Agreements Operating Agreements are the governing documents for Limited Liability Companies. They are where you would specify the rights and responsibilities […]