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Our firm has a dedication towards education. As part of that dedication, we pride ourselves in a wonderful internship program. Those on this page have graduated from our internship program and have dedicated some part of their legal career to helping our clients and us, while learning the law in a practical setting.

Summer 2015

Taylor AdamsTaylor Adams

Taylor Adams was our Estate Planning Intern, working directly under Eric Brei within the Estate Planning Section of R. W. Bobholz Law, PLLC during the summer of 2015.  Taylor is expecting to graduate in 2016 from North Carolina Central University School of Law, graduating with his Juris Doctor.

Taylor grew up in Indian Trail, North Carolina and returned to District 20-B last summer where he served as an intern for both District and Superior Court Judges.  He sees Estate Planning as an opportunity to help guard the legacy of clients, giving them peace of mind.  Taylor is committed to diligence and enjoys his time helping clients, cultivating a deeper understanding of the law.

In his spare time, Taylor enjoys playing guitar, spending time outdoors, and trying in vain to break 90 on the golf course.

Anna GuoAnna Guo

Anna Guo was our small business intern from Duke University School of Law that joined us after finishing her summer internship in Shanghai in the summer of 2015. Anna was born in China but traveled the world as a child, spending three years in Oklahoma and two years in Syria before returning to China for high school and college. She decided to come back to the U.S. to pursue her career goal of becoming a top tier lawyer.

Having learned Finance and Economics in college, Anna is very interested in corporate and business law. She also has great interest in getting more exposure to a variety of different legal practice areas ranging from litigation to pro bono service. During her previous internship, Anna worked on projects ranging from cross border litigation to due diligence research for international M&A deals, and also had the opportunity the participate in the 2015 Asian Pro Bono Forum where she learned of the many ways in which law firms can be involved in pro bono service.

Anna is adventurous and loves the outdoors. Back in China, she has rode her bike to Tibet (630 miles), hitchhiked in northern China, and ran in marathons. After arriving at Durham, Anna has learned how to slack line and play paintball in her spare time. This year, she is determined to learn how to dance and play golf.

 Fall 2014

shekeiraprofessionalheadshot2009Shekei'ra Ward

Shekei’ra Ward was our estate planning intern joining us from North Carolina Central University School of Law. Shekei’ra is a native of Dallas, Texas and has travelled a long way from home to embark upon the journey of becoming an attorney.

Shekei’ra is aware that the legal profession expects new attorneys to be professional, knowledgeable, and prepared. As such, she brings practical legal skills to the firm through her internships with the Honorable Micaela Alvarez of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina. Shekei’ra is excited to contribute to the success of R.W. Bobholz Law, PLLC while getting closer to being a “practice ready” attorney upon graduation and the bar exam.

In her spare time, Shekei’ra enjoys serving the community through church and sorority activities, reading, watching stand up comedy, and spending time with her family, friends, and miniature dachshund, Duke.

Summer 2014


William Lamb Photo

Lamb, William

William was our Small Business Law intern, working directly under Richard Bobholz in the Small Business Section of the R. W. Bobholz Law, PLLC. He is attending UNC Law in Chapel Hill, expecting to graduate with his Juris Doctorate in May 2016. William enjoyed gaining knowledge and practice in the area of working with small business clients.

William has a passion for working with small businesses. He attended law school because he believes that the law is a critical tool for addressing problems facing many small businesses and wants to be a part of helping small businesses face those problems and reach their goals.

Outside of law, William spends time volunteering within the healthcare community and coaching youth lacrosse in the triangle area. He also enjoys staying active by playing golf and tennis with friends and family.



Tallant, Zane

Zane was our Litigation intern, working directly under Eric Brei in the Litigation Section of the R. W. Bobholz Law, PLLC. He is expecting to graduate from North Carolina Central University Law School in Durham in 2016. Zane enjoyed gaining hands on experience working with lawsuits and pretrial situations as they occur in real life scenarios.

Zane attended law school because he believes that everyone has a right to legal representation and to be comfortable in knowing that they are not alone in the varying stages of the legal process.

Outside of law, Zane spends time traveling throughout the state to fly fish, playing golf with friends and family, and spending time with his dog.

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