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Eric Brei was a Partner at Law Plus Plus until 2016 when he joined IBM's legal team.

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Entrepreneurship After Employment

For those who may not know my background, before I joined Richard here at Law Plus Plus, I worked at an e-discovery firm in Charlotte. Officially, I was an employee of another firm who sent me to various projects, on a project-by-project basis, like an independent contractor. As many do, I got tired of this […]

Should I File an Intent to Use Trademark Application?

As mentioned in our Trademarks Part 2 blog, the US Patent and Trademark Office has two general types of domestic trademark applications. These are the 1(a) and 1(b) applications. A 1(b) trademark application is an Intent to Use (ITU) application. This means that you have not yet started using the proposed mark in commerce, but you have […]

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Click-Wrap Agreements – Saving Paper and the Environment

As we move forward in our ever-digital world, businesses are affected more than ever by the ability to communicate more quickly and efficiently. One serious implication for business and technology is the click-wrap agreement. It’s a weird name, but it’s an agreement that you can sign with the click of a button, whether on your […]

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