Eric Brei

Eric Brei

About Eric Brei

Eric Brei is a Partner at Law Plus Plus, managing the Estate Planning and Civil Litigation Sections of the firm. He spends much of his time finding ways to make the legal system more approachable for his estate planning clients. He tirelessly works to help ensure his clients obtain the most efficient distribution of their hard earned money and treasured assets.

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Entrepreneurship After Employment

For those who may not know my background, before I joined Richard here at Law Plus Plus, I worked at an e-discovery firm in Charlotte. Officially, I was an employee of another firm who sent me to various projects, on a project-by-project basis, like an independent contractor. As many do, […]

Click-Wrap Agreements – Saving Paper and the Environment

As we move forward in our ever-digital world, businesses are affected more than ever by the ability to communicate more quickly and efficiently. One serious implication for business and technology is the click-wrap agreement. It’s a weird name, but it’s an agreement that you can sign with the click of […]

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