Internship Program

The goal of our internship program is to take already gifted legal minds and give them enough hands on, real world, legal experience that he or she will be ready and able to be a phenomenal lawyer in the areas of law our firm works with.

We, here at Law Plus Plus, offer a competitive and educational internship program. If you’re interested in applying for our internship program, email your resume, cover letter, writing sample and most current unofficial transcript to

Our attorneys understand that this is an educational internship and that the primary purpose is to help the interns gain practical experience in order to better position them in the job market and become better practicing attorneys. To that end, we do not assign our interns “busy work,” nor do we expect our interns to do the jobs we would not want to do. Our interns may end up doing work that is repetitious or boring, but only if those tasks are helpful in gaining an understanding of the practice of law.

As we are taking time out of our lives to help our interns, we expect that the work product they do create is the highest of quality. We expect our interns to treat this internship as they would their full time career, and we expect that they would never do anything to reflect poorly on the legal profession, our clients or our law firm.

We would also love to work with the area law schools to adapt the program to meet the schools’ specific wants and needs.


  • Week 1: Intro to law firm values, the practice of law, attorneys on staff. We will also discuss the intern’s expectations as well as the attorney expectations and goals for throughout the program. During the first day, the intern shall be assigned a mentor who will guide her through the program.
  • Week 2: The intern will begin receiving work to review, learn, summarize or organize for the purpose of seeing work product in action and get better acquainted to how the law firm operates.
  • Week 3: The intern will be given more work to review, learn, summarize or organize.
  • Week 4: The intern will be given more work to review, learn, summarize or organize. Depending on the intern, she should expect more autonomy as the weeks progress.
  • Week 5: The intern will begin to meet with the clients she has had the opportunity to help, assist in intake and be given the opportunity to accompany the partners at networking events or business building functions.
  • Week 6: The intern will be given a mid internship review in which the attorney assigned to her will assess her progress and she will be given the opportunity to assess the program itself. Her goals will be examined to ensure that the program is on pace to meet them and the remainder of the internship will be modified to better complete the intern’s goals.
  • Week 7: The intern will continue to meet with clients and participate in the core functions of the law firm, preparing work product, learning about new areas of law and assisting the attorneys in an as needed basis.
  • Week 8: Beginning in week 8, the intern will begin to examine what her final project shall be. Depending on the section she is working in, this may be a large small business solution, a complete estate plan, or something else that the intern and attorney mentor agree upon.
  • Week 9: The intern will continue to work in the core areas of the firm and should have an approved final project returned from her mentor
  • Week 10: Depending on the size and scope of her final project, the intern will either begin work on the final project or continue to work in the core areas of the firm.
  • Week 11: The intern will be working on her final project and will only work on the core functions if these help her understanding of the practice of law to a greater degree than her final project would, or if her final project is not large enough to fill her time.
  • Week 12: The intern will work with her mentor to ensure that the final project is completed to the level of quality needed to be work product of the Law Plus Plus firm. The intern will put the final touches on any additional projects she was working on and will summarize her work in the program. At the end of this week, the intern will also have a wrap up meeting with her mentor to discuss whether the goals were met and what she had learned throughout the program.