30 Companies in 30 Days

Application for Candidates

Law++ is bringing back the 30 Companies in 30 Days program for the month of December. During this month, we will be forming up to 30 companies pro bono for a wide variety of deserving entrepreneurs.

What You Get:

  • Articles filed with Secretary of State;
  • Tax ID Number obtained through IRS;
  • Bare Governing Document (Operating Agreement/Bylaws);
  • 3 Months of the General Counsel Program (2 hours of phone time with attorney for general advice)

Your Requirements:

  • Complete the application on this page;
  • Be interested in forming a company in the month of December;
  • Be available to meet during the first two weeks of December;
  • Be located in the Triangle area;
  • Have a need for legal service for your formation;
  • Pay the Secretary of State filing fees; and
  • Be willing and able to give your company all you've got.

Applicants are also screened to ensure that we help a wide variety of companies, that we are not conflicted out of representing any companies and to ensure that our services are provided to those companies that have the highest need.