Contract Drafting




Contracts are a major part of the business world. Millions of contracts are executed every day, and some of those end up in conflict. A contract is only necessary when there’s a dispute, but it is impossible to determine ahead of time when a dispute may arise. A good contract anticipates things that could go wrong and addresses each of those situations while not deterring a potential sale.

Our contracts are all custom built for our clients’ needs at the time they are developed. Because of this white-glove service, our contracts cover more situations and provide better, more specific, protections for our clients. The goal of every contract is to develop a reusable document that will help expand our clients’ businesses.

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Contract Type

Standard Service Contract, Advanced Service Contract, Sales Contract, Bill of Sale, Nondisclosure Agreement, Noncompetition Agreement, Commercial Lease, Residential Lease, Promissory Note, Asset Purchase Agreement, Company Purchase Agreement, Employment Contract, Independent Contractor Agreement, Commission Sales Agreement, Multistage Development Contract, Letter of Intent