EasyFee™ – Flat Rate Legal Services

Here, at Law++, we aim to make things simple for you. With that goal in mind, our EasyFee™ items are billed at a flat rate, instead of at an undetermined cost based on hours worked. Click on link to see our products in this category. Prices subject to change.

Pro Bono Plus™ For Everyone

Our Pro Bono Plus™ Program is a one-of-a-kind program that allows you to pay for a certain number of services each month by volunteering at an approved nonprofit organization. There are a limited number of services available under this program each month. Click the link to the right to discover what services are available this month. There is no income restriction for these monthly offerings.

Pro Bono Plus™ For Law Income Entrepreneurs

Our Pro Bono Plus™ Program provides a sliding scale fee structure for entrepreneurs with lower income and wealth. Those who qualify for this program will be able to pay for some or all of their invoice through volunteer programs. These entrepreneurs will have 3 months from the invoice date to get all their volunteer hours in before the remainder will be due and payable. For more details, click the button to the right.