Pro Bono Plus Sliding Scale

Our Pro Bono Plus™ Program provides a sliding scale fee structure for entrepreneurs with lower income and wealth. Those who qualify for this program will be able to pay for some or all of their invoice through volunteer programs. These entrepreneurs will have 3 months from the invoice date to get all their volunteer hours in before the remainder will be due and payable. Reduction in cost only applies to legal fees and not court costs, filing fees, or other costs.

To begin this program, select any service from our store and put in the notes that you’re requesting the Pro Bono Plus™ Program.



Tier Income Wealth % Volunteering
1 $0-$4,999 $0-$4,999 90%
2 $5,000-$11,999 $5,000-$14,999 75%
3 $12,000-$17,999 $15,000-$29,999 50%
4 $18,000-$24,999 $30,000-$59,999 25%

In order to qualify for a particular tier, you must be below both the income and wealth requirements.


Terms are available on the Terms & Conditions Page.