Attorneys are not permitted to charge for work they did not do, nor charge you “excessive fees.” If you believe your lawyer charged for work that was not done, this is a clearer violation than just excessive fees. The difference lies in proving the work wasn’t done versus proving the attorney was not worth the…

A conflict of interest is a concept that exists in everyday life, but is something very specific when dealing with attorney’s Rules of Professional Conduct. In North Carolina, conflicts of interest are covered by Rules 1.7 & 1.8. Broadly speaking, an attorney may not represent a client if that representation would force the attorney to represent…

Hiring an attorney can be useful in a wide variety of areas. Ultimately, what a lawyer can do for your small business depends on your needs and your wants. The tasks must be legal and compliant with the Rules of Professional Conduct. If your lawyer is willing to do it, and you’re willing to pay,…


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