It is important to regularly review your dispute resolution provision to ensure it still meets your needs.   What is a Dispute Resolution Provision? This provision exists solely to make resolving breaches of contract easier. They come in all shapes and sizes.   Choice of Law We discuss choice of law in another blog. You…

What is a Choice of Law Clause? Every now and then, this question comes up. Choice of law clauses are pretty common boilerplate clauses in contracts. These allow the contracting parties to specify which state’s laws are used if there’s a dispute. Choice of Law Example For example, if both parties are in North Carolina,…

Choice of Law clauses are often very important clauses in contracts. However, they’re not always that critical. Sometimes, especially in real estate or in-person consumer contracts, the law that is to be applied is chosen for you. For example, the purchase of a piece of real estate generally must be governed by the laws of…


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