What is a Contract? Simple question. Everyone conceptually knows what a contract is. However, there are a lot of finer details. What is a Contract? At its simplest, a contract is a legal agreement between two or more people. Legally speaking, a contract is a legal device that exists once certain conditions are met. It…

Choice of Law clauses are often very important clauses in contracts. However, they’re not always that critical. Sometimes, especially in real estate or in-person consumer contracts, the law that is to be applied is chosen for you. For example, the purchase of a piece of real estate generally must be governed by the laws of…

As we move forward in our ever-digital world, businesses are affected more than ever by the ability to communicate more quickly and efficiently. One serious implication for business and technology is the click-wrap agreement. It’s a weird name, but it’s an agreement that you can sign with the click of a button, whether on your…


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