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Imagine there was a law firm out there that empathizes with the situation you're in and adapts to make things easier for you. Imagine that this same firm wanted their clients to obtain success so badly that they go above and beyond the legal matters they're called to handle. That's Law Plus Plus. Law++ was formed to change the legal system and provide exceptionally personal service, easy to understand practices and those business development services that are ancillary to the provision of legal services.

At Law++, you can receive excellent legal documents, negotiations, litigation support, and legal advice, but you can also receive things such as business coaching, business development round tables, networking, and more on the business side from people who are ethically bound to do what is in your best interest.

Our Story

Attorneys of Law++, Richard Bobholz and Eric Brei, outside new office

Once upon a time there were a couple of attorneys who were dissatisfied with how traditional law firms were operating. The dragons, as they may be, ruled the legal system with a vicious roar, dictating how lawyers and law firms should operate. This led to long hours, neglect of some clients and, in some cases, the development of "contract mills" where lower level attorneys sat all day producing documents without ever meeting the clients or knowing why provisions were required.

Times were bleak in our land, but our heroes were just emerging. Richard Bobholz was the first to enter our story in October of 2012. Hailing from the far away land of Wisconsin, Richard wielded a technological and mathematical mindset he was prepared to apply to the practice of law. Immediately, he began keeping statistics of the work he was asked to do. Making small changes here and there, he was quickly able to start optimizing his legal practice.

Things were slowly beginning to improve, but Richard knew he needed aid if he were going to take on the mighty dragons of our realm. He called a great contest to find a new champion to join his cause. From the land of the Bears and Cubs, Eric Brei came out victorious and joined Richard as an equal in their quest to conquer the dragons.

Quest after quest, our heroes have slowly, but intentionally, worked to defeat these dragons. Taking every opportunity as a chance to learn and be the change they want to see in the legal system, our heroes constantly move in the right direction and have seen actual change occur since beginning their quest many moons ago.

Going forward, our heroes will only be victorious once the legal system has improved to the point where clients are no longer neglected, where lawyers provide services that help their clients, where billing practices are more transparent, and lawyers work with their clients as partners opposed to lording over them as though the lawyers were better than their clients. The legal system is a service industry and our heroes want to have it operate as such. Though there is a necessity involved, attorneys are still nothing without clients and our clients should be able to move to a law firm that treats them the way they should be treated.

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but character is even mightier than the pen. Our heroes live and breathe their values through all aspects of their lives. They will not let up in their quest, but the future depends on you. Will you ally with Law++?

In late 2014, a third hero, Meredith Hudson, joined the battle, bringing her marketing, organization and new perspectives to the team. Meredith stands at the front line, handling battles so that the other two may strategize and build strong legal foundations for the rest of their allies. Meredith dwells from North Carolina originally but has had the opportunity to see many other realms throughout the world.

How will you let this story end?

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