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Over 400 Hours Community Service in 2015

(DURHAM, N.C.) Feb. 23, 2016 – Law Plus Plus, a small business and litigation law firm based in Durham, N.C., is pleased to announce that they contributed 432 recorded community service hours during 2015, including both legal services for those who cannot afford an attorney and hands on work at local charities.

Through charities and programs such as Activate Good, Habitat for Humanity, LEAP, Legal Aid, and many others, Richard Bobholz and Eric Brei, the partners at Law Plus Plus, were able to record 432 hours of service between the two of them.

“Having a commitment to the community is a staple of our firm,” Richard Bobholz explained. “But it is the impact we’re more concerned with. We know that the time we’ve put in has made a significant difference in the lives of a very large number of people. This next year, we hope to make a greater impact and contribute a larger number of hours.”

Law Plus Plus is no stranger to pro bono work and community service, having won a national award for their impact on the pro bono community. More information about the award can be found at


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Founded in 2012 as R. W. Bobholz Law, PLLC and based in Durham, N.C., Law Plus Plus is a revolutionary business law firm with a focus on handling all the transactional and litigation needs for small to mid-sized businesses, nonprofits, and socially minded entrepreneurs. Their mission is to make the legal system easier, enact positive change in the community, and continually improve how they operate and the effect they have on their clients’ lives and in the community. For more information, visit



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