A Chicago-area snow removal company is suing an “unknown individual” for defamation over a Craigslist post in which the individual linked to a court docket showing a list of lawsuits against the snow removal company for the past several decades.

Apple was sued by IPhone users upset that the voice-recognition feature on their phone didn’t work perfectly every time. A Judge dismissed the suit, finding that “A reasonable consumer would understand that commercials depicting the products they are intended to promote would be unlikely to depict failed attempts.”

A California man is suing McDonald’s for $1.5 million, claiming they only gave him one napkin with his order. He says the incident and the ensuing argument caused “undue mental anguish.”

A Manhattan man has sued New York City, NYC Transit, Au Bon Pain Store, two local hospitals, Kmart and a dog owner for two undecillion dollars. The man filed the lawsuit, which was hand-scribbled, in Manhattan federal court seeking more money than even exists on the planet. In case you’re wondering, “two undecillion” is written…

A captain in the City of Houston fire department cited the Americans with Disabilities Act in a lawsuit after he was released from his job for his fear of entering burning buildings. The court originally awarded him $362,000, but the decision has since been overturned by the Texas Supreme Court.

A New Jersey woman is claiming to have a case of ‘commuter anxiety’ so severe that it warranted a change in her work schedule. To oblige her request, her bosses shifted her to a job with more clerical duties, but after being fired in May, the woman filed a suit claiming her company violated the…

An American man is suing British Airways after he and his partner tried to book a flight to Grenada, Spain, but instead wound up in Granada, the Caribbean island. After being denied a refund for the two first-class tickets, the Plaintiff is now seeking $34,000 in damages.

A shop owner who shot a knife-wielding robber was sued by the robber, claiming the store “lacked a policy regarding the safe and lawful use of firearms.” A judge finally dismissed the suit two years after the incident.

A man who says he became addicted to pornography after accidentally visiting an adult website is suing Apple for not blocking them. The sites “appealed to his biological sensibilities as a male and led to unwanted addiction with adverse consequences,” including “desiring younger, more beautiful girls featured in porn videos than his wife, who was…

Plaintiff Jessie Nizewitz, a woman who bared it all on the show “Dating Naked,” is suing Viacom for $10 million after television producers accidentally showed an uncensored picture of her crotch.


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