Hiring an attorney can be useful in a wide variety of areas. Ultimately, what a lawyer can do for your small business depends on your needs and your wants. The tasks must be legal and compliant with the Rules of Professional Conduct. If your lawyer is willing to do it, and you’re willing to pay, you can have your attorney pick up your dry cleaning.

Specifically, attorneys can set up the LLC or corporation, drafting or reviewing contracts, setting up or enforcing employment policies, protecting your company’s intellectual property, suing on your behalf, defending lawsuits on your behalf, or conducting the process of buying, selling, or merging companies.

Attorneys are also great sounding boards for ideas or concerns you have. They’re qualified to listen for the important details, spot the problems, and help solve the problems with their training and experience. Additionally, attorney-client relationships have built in confidentiality.

Fun Things An Attorney Can Do

Lawyers can also do some pretty fun things like you see in the movies. One of my personal favorites is when you hire an attorney to make an anonymous donation. Because of the attorney-client privilege, you can direct the attorney to never disclose where the donation comes from. It would be almost impossible to trace the money when it goes through the attorney. You can also use this feature for illegal purposes, but good luck getting your attorney to do this for you. Lawyers are also called counselors because of their ability to provide guidance in many areas of your business.

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