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Law Plus Plus to Accept Volunteering As Payment

First company to ever allow customers to pay through volunteer hours

(DURHAM, N.C.) October 12, 2017 – Law Plus Plus, a revolutionary small business and nonprofit law firm based in Durham, North Carolina, is excited to announce its new Pro Bono Plus Program which allows clients to pay for services using volunteer hours at approved nonprofit organizations. Law++ is the first organization to offer such a program.

“If an entrepreneur cannot afford to pay for our service, we don’t want that to keep them from being able to receive high quality legal advice,” Richard Bobholz, Managing Partner of Law Plus Plus explained. “This is a program that allows us to make an impact in the community while being able to help those who can benefit from our skills. Volunteering has always been important to us, so this type of program makes sense with our mission.”

This program It is a hybrid between pro bono work and for-profit work, and aims to make huge waves in the community. Pro Bono Plus has two avenues for clients to utilize. The first is a sliding scale payment system. Subject to capacity, clients in this part of the program will be able to convert part or all of their bill to a volunteering contribution instead of a monetary payment. This sliding scale is based on income and wealth. The second part of the program is a monthly release of a limited number of normally flat rate items from Law++’s store as volunteer-only items. These will be sold first-come-first-served and the announcement of their release will occur toward the beginning of each month. The monthly release services will be available to anyone who desires to volunteer their time as opposed to paying directly for these services. There is no income restriction on the monthly release.

This program creates a win-win-win scenario:  Clients benefit by receiving top-of-the-line legal services for a reduced price or no cost at all, as well as from the many benefits of volunteering; the community benefits because more community members will be giving back; and Law++ benefits by increasing its exposure to other companies and nonprofits in the community.

“It’s an investment in our community,” Richard explained. “Creating a program and a culture of volunteering can only benefit our firm and everyone around us.”

There are a few strings attached to the Pro Bono Plus program.  For instance, clients will be required to log their volunteer hours through an approved organization and a conflicts check will be required. Individuals and companies who take advantage of this program must be able to meet within a week of their purchase. Fortunately, Law++ has partnered with the nonprofit organization Activate Good and has agreed that all of the many opportunities available on Activate Good’s website, newsletter, and Meetup group are pre-approved for this program.


More details on the program can be found here:

The monthly released services can be found here:

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