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What Does Law++ Do With Contracts? As part of an effort to help our community understand what we’re about, we’re answering this question.

I spend more time on contracts than non-contract related activities in the firm. That’s probably because contracts encompass so many other areas of law. Mergers and Acquisitions, real estate, employment, and of course business all heavily rely on contract law.

Reviewing Contracts

Often times, my clients will want a better understanding of what is in their contract. That’s where I come in. The most common thing I do is called a “red flags analysis.” For that, I highlight and make comments on areas that my client needs to address. For example, if the choice of law forces my client to Utah, I’d tell my client the consequences of that.

As part of my reviewing, I also provide advice on where my clients can negotiate their contracts. I’ll either conduct those negotiations directly with the opposing attorney or by providing my clients what to say.


Whether it is a service contract, sales, or otherwise, Law++ can draft the contracts small businesses need. In most circumstances, we create each contract from scratch. We do this because every company is slightly different and we want our clients to have the right fitting contract each and every time.


When things go wrong, we’re there for our clients. There are a variety of causes of action related to contracts. The most common one is breach of contract. Our goal is to make the process as simple and successful as possible.

To make the process more successful, we recommend all of our clients put attorney fee provisions in their agreements.

You can also include an arbitration provision if it makes sense for your situation. If your services are for smaller amounts, we recommend against arbitration provisions. Arbitration can cost you thousands up front.


If you’d like help with your contracts, we’d be happy to help. Please feel free to contact us at info@lawplusplus.com or by calling 919-912-9640.



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